Whitening gel to use with invisalign

Ask your Invisalign dentist next time you see him/her. While a stronger whitening gel may speed up the process, the whitening effect may not last as long. Once the gel is activated, it remains on the teeth for 15-20 minutes until the next application. Regards, Dr Andy Stafford(Optional) Use a Desensitizing Gel to calm your the nerves in your teeth prior to whitening. However, each person presents with a unique start off point. Unlike home-use systems that incorporate low-dose bleaching agents, in-office whitening takes place under carefully monitored conditions which allow for the safe, controlled, pain-free use of a relatively high concentration of bleaching gel – yielding results that are visible …how does invisalign work? from finding an invisalign trained doctor to getting your last invisalign clear aligner, we're with you every step of the way. Usually it is possible to use the Invisalign aligners for whitening however i would only recommend doing this under instruction from your dentist with gel specifically prescribed for you. Bottom line: You can achieve the same results with lower concentrations of whitening gel, plus it is safer and your teeth stay whiter longer. For the most relief, you should apply the gel to your teeth for 10 to 30 minutes before bleaching using the same bleaching trays you got from your dentist and rinse afterwards. It is also more likely to cause pain and sensititvity. can you put teeth whitening gel in invisalign; can you put teeth whitening gel in retainers; can you remold teeth whitening trays; can you reuse teeth whitening trays; can you swallow teeth whitening gel; can you use hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening; can you use teeth whitening gel in retainers; can you use teeth whitening gel with braces 5: The Strongest Whitening Gel Is the Best. Home Whitening Kits; The most effective at-home whitening systems use a prescription-strength gel kit available at the dental clinic. Teeth whitening at Total Orthodontics. A. Your About one third of all adult patients I see inquire about whitening on the first visit. Ideally, the gel should contain both 5% potassium nitrate and fluoride. Some factors to consider when planning on whitening your teeth are as follows: Existing Dental Work: Neither porcelain nor fillings are affected by the peroxide in the whitening gel. The whitening gel removes the deep stains while keeping the structure of the teeth unchanged. Allow the Invisalign to dry on a clean towel before putting it back onto your teeth. With our professional advice, you can use the custom-made trays to whiten your teeth after your straightening treatment is complete. At Total Orthodontics, we offer teeth whitening in the form of take-home kits. At Maskati Dental 2019-03-29 · Run the Invisalign under a steady stream of lukewarm water to rinse off any toothpaste and mouthwash. Whitening is available at selected practices – please contact your local practice to confirm availability and book your appointment. Never rinse your Invisalign with hot water, as this could melt and permanently damage the aligners. At Total Orthodontics, we offer teeth whitening in the form of take-home kits.

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