The Mandalorian™ - The Reckoning - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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The Mandalorian™ – The Reckoning

<em>The Mandalorian</em>™ - The Reckoning - Thomas Kinkade Studios
The Mandalorian™ – The Reckoning

In so many classic Western films there are events building towards a final showdown, and in some of those seminal moments the gunfighter must ride into town to face his foe and put his fate to the test. I loved how this was handled in Chapter 5 as the Mandalorian returns to town on a dewback to rescue Grogu from his former partner turned adversary! The streets before him are completely empty, only light washing out from the doors and windows to illuminate this moment that, to me, feels very ’a stranger in town,’ and it’s quite a moment, but also a visually powerful one!  

Key Points

  • After defeating a pursuing bounty hunter in a dogfight, Mando takes his damaged Razor Crest™ for repairs to a familiar planet Tatooine™.
  • The Razor Crest is moored in Docking Bay 35 for repairs, Docking Bay 94 was another well-known hangar on Mos Eisley.
  • The Mandalorian encounters Toro Calican™, a young bounty hunter looking to join the Bounty Hunter’s Guild by capturing Fennec Shand™.
  • Mando and Calican come across a Dewback™ with a dead bounty hunter attached to it, which. turns out to be a trap by Shand.
  • Dewbacks are thick skinned reptiles native to the desert planet of Tatooine and was so named for their habit of licking morning dew off their backs.
  • Calican, in a hastily planned bid for fame and glory, tries and fails to best the Mandalorian in a showdown.