The Mandalorian™ - A New Direction - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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The Mandalorian™ – A New Direction

<em>The Mandalorian</em>™ - A New Direction - Thomas Kinkade Studios
The Mandalorian™ – A New Direction

A New Direction – the Mandalorian and Grogu’s™ path once again takes a change in direction after being saved by Clan Kryze™ and more of Mando’s mysterious past is revealed by leader Bo-Katan Kryze™.  

Key Points

      • Mando seeks info on other Mandalorians at an inn from a local Mon Calamari™. The server confirms that others with Beskar™ have been through there.
      • Clan Kryze™, an elite Mandalorian unit made up by Axe Woves™, Bo-Katan Kryze™ and Koska Reeves™, come to Mando’s aid as Quarren™ boatmen attempt to incapacitate him with the intent to steal his armor.
      • Kryze offers to lead Mando to a Jedi™ but asks him to help on a mission against an Imperial Gozanti-Class Cruiser™, which is being loaded with weapons.
      • After completing the mission, Kryze tells the Mandalorian to take Grogu™ to the city of Calodan™ on the forest planet of Corvus™, where he will find Ahsoka Tano™.