The Mandalorian™ - Cold Pursuit - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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The Mandalorian™ – Cold Pursuit

<em>The Mandalorian</em>™ - Cold Pursuit - Thomas Kinkade Studios
The Mandalorian™ – Cold Pursuit

In this high-speed cat and mouse game through cold canyon walls, the viewer gets icy chills and flashbacks to X-wing™ acrobatics that Star Wars™ fans know and love, but this time it’s the Razor Crest™ trying to evade capture! Grogu™, the Mandalorian, and his mysterious passenger do their best to carve through the frozen obstacles as the seasoned X-wing pilots of the Republic give chase, and only time will tell what the outcome will be in this highflying Cold Pursuit!  

Key Points

  • Peli Motto™ tells Mando that a Mandalorian covert is close, one system trailing. Motto tells him the information is free, but her contact wants passage to the system.
  • Traveling at sublight speed, the Razor Crest™ is intercepted by two New Republic X-wings™.
  • After attempts to verify that the Razor Crest is not an Imperial holdout, Mando is unable to confirm the requested ping and suddenly evades the two X-wings on the planet Maldo Kreis™.
  • The Razor Crest sustains heavy damage due to rapid maneuvers and eventually crash lands, falling through an ice shelf, hiding it from the New Republic pilots.