The Mandalorian™ - The Marshal - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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The Mandalorian™ – The Marshal

<em>The Mandalorian</em>™ - The Marshal - Thomas Kinkade Studios
The Mandalorian™ – The Marshal

When the Mandalorian’s search for others of his kind takes him to the remote desert outpost of Mos Pelgo, he finds himself teaming up with a local Marshal to rid the nearby wastelands of a fearsome krayt dragon and has the opportunity to recover priceless Mandalorian armor once owned by the fabled Boba Fett™. This episode has all the classic earmarks of a true western complete with a remote dusty town and a Marshal in need of help, nearly leading to a gunfight in a saloon. In this Thomas Kinkade Studios painting, our weary gunslingers head out on their trusty steeds across the landscape searching for their prey and some much-needed help that they will most certainly need to bring down the beast they will undoubtedly face!  

Key Points

  • The Mandalorian™ travels to the forgotten settlement of Mos Pelgo™ on Tatooine™ in search of other Mandalorians to help him on his quest to bring Grogu™ back to his kind.
  • Mando encounters a man donning Boba Fett’s™ armor at a small establishment in Mos Pelgo. Over snorts of spotchka™, the man, known as the Marshal, relays that his name is Cobb Vanth™ and that he bought the armor from Jawas™.
  • Mando’s Outer Rim speeder bike is an overworked, but functional Mobquet™ Zephyr-J™ model.
  • An arrangement is made between the Mandalorian and the Marshal to travel to the krayt dragon’s lair and stop it from terrorizing Mos Pelgo. The Marshal rides a modified Podracer engine equipped with a saddle and flight controls.