The Mandalorian™ - An Uneasy Alliance - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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The Mandalorian™ – An Uneasy Alliance

<em>The Mandalorian</em>™ - An Uneasy Alliance - Thomas Kinkade Studios
The Mandalorian™ – An Uneasy Alliance

After a tentative agreement is struck between Greef Karga™ and his Bounty Hunter Guild, mercenaries’ tensions still seem on edge as the Mandalorian™ and his contingent huddle around a fire on the Nevarro™ plains later that night. Although plans are being made for the next day’s events, not all involved are still sure they can trust their new companions. The only attendees who truly seem at ease are Kuiil™ and Grogu™, who generally seem to enjoy their brief rest by the fire after their recent journeys. But that moment of calm may soon be interrupted…  

Key Points

  •  Greef Karga™ sends a hologram message to the Mandalorian with a proposal to clear his name with the Bounty Hunter’s Guild. They would use Grogu™ as bait to lure the Client into a trap, and end his despotic rule over Nevarro™ city.
  • Mando heads to Sorgan™ to pick up Cara Dune™ for support. He finds her engaged in an organized fight while bound to her opponent, a Zabrak™ - the same species as the infamous Darth Maul™.
  • The Mandalorian, Cara Dune and Grogu™ travel to the planet Arvala-7™. To Mando and Cara Dune’s surprise, they discover that Kuiil™ had found the remains of IG-11™ and has repaired and imprinted him using patience and affirmation.
  • Mando, Karga, Dune and Kuiil set up a camp fire to go over the plan. As Greef Karga and the Mandalorian finalize the details to kill the Client, a reptavian descends and bites Karga’s arm. Mando drives the attacking creatures away with his flamethrower.