Midnight Delivery - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Midnight Delivery

Midnight Delivery - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Midnight Delivery

The sun has set on this snowy Christmas Eve. The family has settled in after a long day of sledding and preparing for Santa’s arrival this night. The first to spot Santa on his Midnight Delivery run are the family of snow people watching over the home. Santa and his sleigh have landed stealthily on the roof so that he can deliver the presents and be on his way to the next home. Midnight Delivery by Thomas Kinkade Studios celebrates the magic of Christmas Eve, a night of wonder and excitement for children around the world, who wait in anticipation for Santa’s arrival at their home and the delightful gifts he will leave under their tree.  

Key Points

  • Midnight Delivery is the fourth Limited Edition Art release by Thomas Kinkade Studios that celebrates Santa Claus and the beautiful traditions surrounding Christmas Eve. The three previous paintings include Santa’s Special Delivery, Santa’s Night Before Christmas, and Santa’s Workshop.
  • The snow men on the front lawn is a classic Holiday element in many Thomas Kinkade Christmas painting.
  • The number on the mailbox, 18715, pays tribute to the home of our Morgan Hill studio, where a lot of love and effort goes into every Thomas Kinkade Studios painting and where we work every day to preserve Thomas Kinkade’s legacy.
  • A red toboggan lays in the yard, evidence of a day of fun leading up to Christmas Eve.
  • In most countries, it seems Santa arrives between 9:00 p.m. and midnight on Christmas Eve. Although we cannot predict where and when Santa will visit your home, Christmas legend says that he arrives only when children are asleep!
  • Santa’s sleigh travels at the speed of light, which is about 671 million miles per hour.