Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree

Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree

On a crisp winter’s morning, the beautiful story of Disney’s Cinderella continues as she and Prince Charming arrive at her Fairy Godmother’s cottage with a freshly cut Christmas tree. Their gift-laden sleigh, pulled by Major, sparkles against the crisp white snow as bluebirds fly nearby, celebrating the season. Prince Charming carefully lifts Cinderella from the sleigh as her Fairy Godmother waves her wand and magical fairy dust floats on the light breeze. Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, and Drizella hide nearby in the trees as Lucifer plots a way to disrupt this sweet moment. Thomas Kinkade Studios is pleased to present Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree, a visual celebration of the Christmas season.   Key Points
  • Although, Thomas Kinkade and the Thomas Kinkade Studios has captured the classic story of Cinderella in two previous paintings, Disney Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream and Disney Cinderella Dancing in the Starlight, Disney Cinderella Bringing Home the Tree is the first time the artists have painted Cinderella and Prince Chraming celebrating the Holidays.
  • Gus Gus, Jaq, and all of Cinderella’s mice friends look on in delight as the sleigh arrives. Can you see them?
  • Can you find Lady Tremaine, Anastasia, Drizella, and Lucifer?
  • Cinderella’s Castle is beautifully portrayed in the background of this painting.