Disney The Evil Queen - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Disney The Evil Queen

Disney The Evil Queen - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Disney The Evil Queen

Disney’s classic film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs illustrates the story of how a resilient and kindhearted young princess overcame the jealousy of her vain stepmother. Painted in our signature narrative panorama style, Thomas Kinkade Studios presents this story from the villain’s perspective in Disney’s The Evil Queen. After being spared by the Huntsman sent by the Evil Queen, Snow White befriends the forest animals and seeks refuge in the forest cottage of the Seven Dwarfs. Heading back from their work in the mine, the Seven Dwarfs fear for her life, not realizing at this same moment that Snow White is being tempted by the Evil Queen, in disguise, with a poisoned red apple. Only true love from the young Prince can awaken Snow White from the sleeping curse that the Evil Queen has placed on her. © Disney Key Points
  • Disney The Evil Queen is the second Thomas Kinkade Studios painting to portray a classic Disney story from the villain’s point of view. The first artwork was Disney Maleficent.
  • Thomas Kinkade Studios painted this art in the narrative panorama style, sharing many characters and moments from the Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in one stunning painting.
  • This painting captures The Evil Queen in both of her personas – as herself and in disguise when she tempted Snow White with the poison apple.
  • The Evil Queen can be seen in her disguise in the background of Thomas Kinkade Studios’ painting Snow White and Seven Dwarfs.