Spanish Café - Painting Art by Thomas Kinkade Studios
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Spanish Café

Spanish Café - Thomas Kinkade Studios
Spanish Café

A crisp blue sky illuminates the city of Barcelona, Spain. As one traverses this quaint city you may discover a quintessential café near the famed Gaudi Cathedral, where you can rest after touring this spectacular site. You may notice as you walked past an artist capturing the Gaudi in that moment, and he strikes a close resemblance to our founder, Thomas Kinkade.   Thomas Kinkade Studios invites you to tour the city of Barcelona, and stop at a Spanish Café, take a seat at the table, and enjoy coffee and pastries.   Key Points:
  • Spanish Café is the seventh Limited Edition Art in the Romantic Moments The other paintings in this best-selling series are Italian Café, Venetian Café, French Riviera Café, Munich Café, Amsterdam Café, and Paris Café.
  • Thomas and Nanette Kinkade enjoyed traveling through Europe with their family. In Spanish Café and each of the other paintings from the Romantic Moments Collection, the Studios has paid tribute to Nanette by including a bicycle, reminiscent of her own.
  • Adorable cats are also included in some of the other paintings in the Romantic Moments How many can you find in Spanish Café?